About Us

Inspiring children to find their inner spark.

Our mission is to provide spaces where children are encouraged to believe in themselves and realize they can positively impact the world around them.

Our Spark Principles

These are the principles that guide our work and shape the approach we take to create immersive adventures that leave a lasting impression.

It is because we create worlds…


We create environments, characters and stories that inspire wonder. We invite our audience into a multi-sensorial universe where each can express their imagination and create their unique magical journey.

…that they come to have an adventure…


We believe children should have the freedom to explore without limits. Our adventures are designed to give each child the power and confidence to face obstacles that may come their way.

…and then realize their own inner spark…


As children become the stars of the show, they realize that they can impact their environment and shape the outcome of their adventure. Giving children ownership of the story also ignites self-discovery and a realization that they possess great inner strength.

…leaving them with a lasting sense of empowerment.


As children move forward, the story unfolds, the music escalates, the characters change, the challenges grow. Every child is engaged in an uplifting adventure that will leave them with a lasting sense of self-esteem and personal empowerment.