The Show

Pip’s Island is a one of a kind interactive theatrical adventure where kids are the stars of the show!

Join Expedition 12

As explorers on the first adventure, both kids and their families will join Pip, Pebble and Finn on Expedition 12 to save the Island and defeat the villain Joules Volter. Our skilled actors will guide you through multiple purpose designed spaces, where you will face fun interactive challenges and help the story unfold. The end result is an hour-long inspirational “hero’s journey” where you will be dazzled by live performers, puppets, interactive set pieces and animated characters. Take the journey, and find your inner spark.

Save the Island

There is an island, in another dimension just a tree portal away. It’s a special place that was formed from the “inner child energy” that lives within each and every one of us. For generations, young explorers have visited this magical Island, where they learn to harness and grow their inner spark. But now, the Island is in trouble. It needs your help explorers!

Defeat the Villain

Joules Volter and his army of moles are taking over the Island and upsetting the balance of energy. They are planning to kidnap Amperes Wattson and to take over his lighthouse.

Find your Inner Spark!

Along the way, you will collect signature achievement badges, called “Sparks”, which parallel many elements from the STEAM curriculum. You will also learn about teamwork and the value of your individual contribution.

Meet the Characters


Adventurer / Explorer

Pip’s sheer enthusiasm for exploring new horizons hugely exceeds his experience. He is desperate to break free from his restrictive city life and, somewhere within himself, he senses that a larger destiny awaits him.


Inventor / Explorer

A child of the Island, Pebble is excitable, determined and a brilliantly skilled inventor whose flying contraptions are capable of defying the laws of physics. Pebble’s magic also extends to her pig-tails, which help her climb trees, shield her when danger is near, and expressively rearrange themselves as she talks.


Investigator / Explorer

Finn sees himself as more of a thinker than a swashbuckler and fancies that his deductive and observational skills are his team’s secret weapon. Finn is ruled by his brain (and his stomach) rather than his sense of adventure. However, this does nothing to diminish his loyalty to his best friend Pip.

Amperes Wattson

The Island Guardian

The de facto leader of the entire Island community, Amperes is something of a father figure to them all. Aged, gentle, benevolent, yet reluctant to discuss the more troubled aspects of the Island’s past, he has spent centuries welcoming brave explorers to the place. He resides in the lighthouse, a primary source of the Island’s power.


The Would-Be Ruler

For centuries, Joules has been in conflict with Amperes over how the Island should be run. Having been trapped underground for much of this time, Joules Volter has developed his energy into a dark magnetic force that he intends to use to bring darkness and stasis to the Island. He wants to rid it of visitors and is prepared to use his mole army to take the fight all the way to Amperes Wattson’s lighthouse.

The Flambows

Cuddly Floating Energy Spheres

The Flambows reflect the well-being of the Island. Their light also guides and protects explorers during their journey and, when they travel in groups, they form constellations that indicate the way forward.

The Grumbles

The Island Bakers

Like a cross between an oversized teddy bear and a Yeti in floral and tweed, the two Grumbles are a frumpy couple that love living the high life. Perched on the top of a pinnacle, their aromatic bakery is famous for its Twinkle Tarts and an array of over-sized cakes and pastries.

Griffin Bandini

Head of the Exceptional Explorers Society

An extremely experienced explorer who prides himself on having discovered several rare and elusive Island species, he spends his time making very important broadcasts, perfecting the secret Explorer’s Handshake and giving out vital missions in times of crisis.